• What is a laser
    What is a laser
    Laser is the abbreviation for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation", which refers to the enhanced photon beam generated by stimulating atoms to release radiation energy through electron transitions. Compared with other types of light, laser has a series of characteristics, such as low divergence, high brightness, good monochromaticity, good coherence, etc., ...
  • Ultrafast amplifier
    Ultrafast amplifier
    Definition: An amplifier that amplifies ultrashort optical pulses. Ultrafast amplifiers are optical amplifiers used to amplify ultrashort pulses. Some ultrafast amplifiers are used to amplify high repetition rate pulse trains to get very high average power while the pulse energy is still at moderate levels, in other cases lower repetition rate pulses get more gain and get very ...
  • Threshold pump power
    Threshold pump power
    Definition: The pump power when the laser oscillation threshold is reached.
  • Laser classification
    Laser classification
    Lasers can be classified by pumping method, gain medium, operating method, output power, and output wavelength.
  • Automotive lidar and how it works
    Automotive lidar and how it works
    What is Lidar (LiDAR)? Lidar combines radar ranging capabilities with camera angular resolution to provide accurate depth-aware sensing to complete the image (Figure 1).
  • What is Fiber Array
    What is Fiber Array
    Optical fiber array, using a V-groove (V-Groove) substrate, a bundle of optical fibers or an optical fiber ribbon is installed on the substrate at specified intervals to form an array.
  • Overdoped metal gain medium
    Overdoped metal gain medium
    Definition: The gain medium is doped with transition metal ions.
  • 1.5 μm Band Single Frequency Fiber Laser
    1.5 μm Band Single Frequency Fiber Laser
    Single-frequency lasers based on Er3+-doped or Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped gain fibers mainly work in the 1.5 μm band (C-band: 1530-1565 nm) and part of the L-band (1565-1625 nm). Its wavelength is in the C window of optical fiber communication, which makes the 1.5 μm band single-frequency fiber laser with narrow linewidth and low noise characteristics very important in coherent optical...
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